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If you are interested in an exciting career with a global company that still has room to grow, and where each employee is treated fairly and given every opportunity to achieve their individual goals, search our latest job opportunities here.

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The process

What we are looking for

At Ferrero we believe that striving for something special requires more collaboration than instruction. That’s why we look for people who put collective success before individual ambition. People who value the importance of teamwork and who are looking to forge a long-term career within a company that is continually expanding.

Our selection process

At Ferrero France, we endeavour to keep the recruitment process as simple as possible.

1Pre SelectionApplicants are pre-selected based on their previous work experience. Our ideal candidates will already have some experience in retail or agribusiness, for example in Trade Marketing, Marketing or Sales. Italian or English language skills are a bonus.
2InterviewsIf we think your resume fits the job description, we may invite you for 30 minute interviews with the Human Resources department and then with the operational managers. For Trade Marketing recruitments, one day sessions are organized twice a year with dual interviews with the human resources team as well as the operational managers.
3OffersOffers are normally made within two weeks maximum of the interview. We endeavour to notify all candidates who have been interviewed of the status of their applications.

For any questions or application, contact us at:

Quelques conseils pour postuler

Astuces pour un entretien réussi

Il est important que nous trouvions les candidats adéquats pour nos activités en pleine croissance. Afin de vous aider à vous présenter au mieux, nous avons compilé ces quelques conseils simples.

Complétez votre dossier de candidature :

  • Complétez tous les champs requis..
  • Soyez honnête concernant vos expériences, qualifications et réalisations.
  • Vérifiez l'orthographe dans vos réponses.

Avant l'entretien :

  • Effectuez des recherches sur l'entreprise, au niveau mondial et local, en vous concentrant sur nos marques, nos valeurs et notre culture.
  • Comprenez la fonction pour laquelle vous passerez l'entretien et identifiez votre valeur ajoutée.
  • Lisez les dernières actualités de Ferrero via les flux d'actualité sur
  • Effectuez des recherches sur la personne qui vous fera passer l'entretien et votre future équipe via LinkedIn. Connaître la personne avec qui vous passerez l'entretien vous aidera à vous sentir plus à l'aise le jour même.

Le jour de l'entretien :

  • Soyez à l'heure. Planifiez préalablement votre itinéraire et arrivez un peu en avance.
  • Nous apprécions la tradition. Veuillez porter une tenue professionnelle formelle. Les hommes doivent toujours porter une chemise et une cravate.
  • Soyez vous-même, ayez confiance en vous et souriez.
  • Posez des questions, afin de montrer votre véritable intérêt pour la fonction.
  • Veillez à pouvoir parler avec assurance du contenu de votre CV, et préparez-vous à fournir des exemples et des preuves de résultats.
  • Expliquez clairement comment vous pouvez correspondre à la description du candidat recherché.
  • Remerciez la personne qui vous a fait passer l'entretien et demandez-lui quand vous aurez des nouvelles.

Bonne chance pour rejoindre notre grande famille !

Candidate care

Treating every candidate with respect

Our recruitment process is conducted in accordance with the principles of equal opportunity and respect for the individual. These will be clearly explained and shared with you in a structured way. 

We will provide you with detailed information on the organization and the position you are being assessed for. If you feel you require further information, please inform the recruiter. 

If you are successful in your application, you will receive all the support you need to facilitate your professional development.

Keeping your personal information confidential

Throughout the process we will want to get to know as much about you possible. This means you will be required to submit a significant amount of information about yourself. 

Rest assured, any data we collect will be handled in accordance with the privacy laws in force in the jurisdiction in which we operate. 

We will collect data only if expressly authorized to do so. We will take the maximum care when collecting and storing personal data and only in accordance with a prior agreement from the party concerned. Furthermore, we will not communicate or disclose personal data to unauthorized third parties. 

We consider security in the processing of personal data and confidential information on computers a priority in order to protect the rights, basic freedom and dignity of the person concerned.



A list of frequently asked questions to help you

How do I apply for a job at Ferrero?
What if I do not find any positions that meet my search criteria?

We encourage you to look through the vacancies posted on our website and to apply directly to a specific open position. If there are no vacancies that meet your profile and expectations at the moment, you can submit your resume online to indicate your general interest in future Ferrero opportunities.

What is Ferrero's recruitment procedure?

If you applied online, your resume will be viewed by our recruitment professionals. If your experience and skills meet the job profile, our recruitment team will contact you. If your resumes may be of future interest to Ferrero, we may organize an inquiry interview in order to evaluate your profile for a future opportunity.

Is there a time limit after which my application expires?

Your application will be kept in our recruitment database according to local legislation on personal data. Shortly before the deadline, you will receive a notification inviting you to update your resume.

Does Ferrero offer the opportunity of an international career?

Being present in in over 100 countries and with our strong growth in developing markets provides a significant opportunity for an international career. Employees with key skill sets have been able to develop their careers at Ferrero sites abroad, including in China, Luxembourg, Germany and Italy. 

Can I apply for a job in a location different from my home country?

Yes you can apply if you meet the job requirements. Please keep in mind that these positions are generally filled with local employees and are not considered expatriate assignments.

Can I apply for an internship abroad?

Many Ferrero companies have internship programs. You can search for our advertised internship opportunities on this website by choosing "internship" in the search jobs section.

Does Ferrero recruit for senior management or executive level jobs?

We do recruit at that level. Higher senior management positions may not appear on this site. If you are interested in job opportunities in Ferrero and do not find jobs that match your experience level in the current vacancy list, please submit your CV here.

What does Ferrero do to get the new hire on board?

Local Ferrero companies take care of the on-boarding procedure for new comers. This varies from country to country and focuses on ensuring you have sufficient information and support to start your life in Ferrero. We also offer several corporate levels programs to new joiners which are applied in combination with local initiatives.

What training opportunities does Ferrero offer?

We offer training opportunities both at corporate and local level. At our Corporate University, we offer programs to learn about the Group's values and objectives. Other training programs are provided mainly at local level to support each individual in the development of their skills and competencies required for success in their role.

What type of career paths does Ferrero offer?

In Ferrero you can find a variety of career paths, both professional and managerial. Take a look at the ‘Working at Ferrero’ section to explore the qualities and characteristics we are seeking.

How is the international part of the Marketing/Sales/Controlling trainee program structured?

The program includes two weeks of practice in Sales/Production and five weeks of workshops, giving you an overview of Ferrero’s history, corporate culture, its products, markets, marketing, sales, production, technologies and internal services. You will also focus on team work, presentation skills, time management and problem solving. Italian language courses are optional.